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3. Basic phone functions

To Place a call:
 Lift the handset and dial the number. (You MUST dial an 8 to get an outside line). or
 Press a line button and dial the number. or
 Press the SPEAKER button and dial the number. or
To Answer a call:
 Lift the handset. or
 Press the line button associated with the call. or
 Press the Answer soft key. or
 Press the SPEAKER button.
To End a call:
 Hang up the handset. or
 Press the SPEAKER button. or
 Press the EndCall soft key.
To place a call on Hold:
 During an active call, press the Hold soft key.
 To return to the call press the Resume soft key.
 If you have multiple calls on hold, press the NAVIGATION button to select the desired call before you press Resume.
To Redial the most recently dialed number:
 Lift the handset and press the Redial soft key, or simply press the Redial soft key to activate the speakerphone.
To Mute a call:
 Press the MUTE button. The MUTE button automatically lights, indicating that the calling party cannot hear you.
 To turn off mute, press MUTE again (or lift the handset).
Call transfer:
 During a call press the Transfer soft key. This places the call on hold.
 Dial the number or office extension to which you want to transfer the call.
 When it rings on the other end, press Transfer again. Or, when the party answers, announce the call and then press Transfer. If the answering party does not want the call press End Call then press Resume to go back to the original caller.
To Park a call:
 During an active call, press the More soft key until you see the Park soft key.
 Press Park. The LCD screen displays the special call park number at which the call is stored.
 Make a note of the call park number, then hang up. The call is parked at that number, allowing you to retrieve it from another phone.
 To retrieve the parked call from any phone in the Cisco CallManager system, dial the call park number at which the call is parked.
Call Pickup:
 Press any available line button on your Cisco IP Phone.
 Press the More soft key.
 Press the PickUp soft key. The call now rings on your phone.
 Press Answer and the call will go to your phone.
Forwarding Calls:
 Press the CFwdAll soft key. You should hear two beeps.
 Enter the number to which you want to forward all of your calls, exactly as you would if you were placing a call to that number. (After you enter the number, an animated phone icon with a flashing right arrow appears in the upper-right corner of the LCD screen. The LCD screen also displays a message confirming the number or extension to which your calls are being forwarded).
 To cancel call forwarding, press the CFwdAll soft key.
Placing a Conference Call:
 During a call, press the More soft key and then the Confrn soft key. Doing so automatically activates a new line and puts the first party on hold.
 Place a call to another number or extension.
 When the call connects, press Confrn again to add the new party to the conference call.
 Repeat these steps to add parties to the conference call.
Using the Directories Button:
 Press the Directories button.
 Use the Navigation button to select the desired directory from the Directories menu, then press the Select softkey.
 Enter the search criteria to retrieve a record.
 To place a call from any directory, use the Navigation button to select the record, then press the Dial softkey or simply lift the receiver.
 Press the Exit softkey twice to exit the Directory menu.
To Access Voice Mail internally:
 To set up and access voice mail, first press your line button
 Then press the Messages button on your Cisco IP Phone (teachers should then press the * key) and follow the voice instructions.
 The default password is 13579.
 Remember there is a difference between your voicemail ID and your password
 **Note: If you enter your password incorrectly (3 times) you will be locked out of the system, please wait approximately 30 minutes and phone will reset itself.
To Access Voice Mail externally:
 Call the Main #
 Press the * key.
 Enter your ID (Your 5 digit extension for assigned voicemail extension).Enter your password.

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