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2. Archiving Exchange Mailbox

Archiving your Exchange Mailbox:
  1. For Outlook 2007 Choose File/Archive: (in outlook 2010 click File/ Clean up /tools and Archive)

2. Then Select the “archive this folder and all subfolders” choice
3. then click the “Mailbox-your name”

Then select a date that will separate your mail into the ‘archived set’ and ‘live set’ (The live set is your current inbox and other folders)

And check the box that says “Include items with “Do Not AutoArchive” checked”.

Then click the browse button and browse to your my documents folder and choose the “old emails” folder or create it if it doesn’t already exist.

And be sure to enter a file name such as “archived emails before ‘the date you choose above’

(ex: archived emails before 1-1-2012)
Click ok.

And click ok again,

Most archives take 10-20 minutes. The progress will be seen at the bottom of your outlook window.

Thank you, and if you have any problems questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.
All old archives can be opened by opening outlook then choosing File/Open/Outlook Data file/ then browsing to the old emails folder and choosing your archived dated file. The folders will appear on left in outlook below your current mailbox folders in the same organized fashion as you had them in … you may right click and ‘close’ any archive folder when you are done with it.

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