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1. How to run a full scan

The SLLBOCES IT staff support various Antivirus systems please take a moment to familiarize yourself with your version below and contact the help desk at ext 10101 with any questions.

Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection/ SCEP – a square green icon in the lower right of your screen - near the clock it may be hidden in the little up arrow, it maybe red or other color if it needs attention. Clicking that icon will bring up the following picture. To run a scan – click the update tab and update the system then back on the home tab click full on the right and then Scan now. You may minimize the program and continue to use your computer while it is running.

If you have a MAC computer the green icon should appear in the top edge of the screen and has an update an scan feature as well, very similar to the process describe here, contact the help desk at ext 10101 if you have questions or need further assistance with the MAC version.

The SLLBOCES has been migrating away from the Gold shield, if you still have that gold shield form Symantec please email helpdesk@sllboces.org and a technician can come and convert your computer.

Another program which is being bundled with some newer systems is
Microsoft Windows Defender. This looks like a small castle or a white security badge, it may be in the lower right hand of the screen also or it may be found by doing a ‘search’ in your windows 10 or 8 search box by typing “Windows Defender” or just “Defender”. It says it is not enabled then Click Tools, and then click Options then.Click Administrator, select the Use this program check box, and then click Save. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Then click update and run scan.

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